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Welcome to exas capital and our own websites! Exas capital (“Exas capital” or the “Website”) is a platform that provides digital asset trading services (hereafter refer to as the “Services”). Before you use any our services, please read the user agreement (the “Agreement”, this “Agreement”) thoroughly and carefully to fully understand the terms, and pay special attention to exempt clauses, limitation clauses, arbitration clauses and resolution clauses. You have to be legally bound to the terms (the “Terms”) of this Agreement prior to using the products and the services. If you do not comply with all the terms and conditions of the Agreement, please do not access to or use the services.
Exas capital reserves the right to amend the Agreement, including but not limited to any rules, policies and guides of the Website. We may inform our users through site announcement, inbox or messages. We reserve the right not to notify you individually. Please review and pay attention to the Agreement which might be revised from time to time. The amendments will apply to all the Services, if you don’t agree with the revised terms, please do not access to the Website. By continuing to register or access to the Services or the Website, you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed with the Agreement and the amended Terms.

To open a Exas capital account, you guarantee that: (a) you are over 18 or have reached the statutory age for entering into contracts as required by applicable laws; (b) you are an individual, a legal person or other organization with full legal capacity of civil liability and authentication; (c) you fully understand the risk of digital asset transaction and have necessary experience and knowledge; (d) have never been disqualified or terminated to access the Services; (e) do not have Exas capital account.
Users with or without full civil capacity and complete capacity of civil conduct, once click on the register button, shall be deemed to register and use the Exas capital trade platform Services by users’ legal representatives .
Exas capital reserves the right to decide the countries and regions where to provide the Services, and has the right to deny or limit access of citizens in certain countries or regions to the Services.

You agree to provide valid information following the requirements on the user registration page, including but not limited to your name, ID number, birth date, phone number, email address, user name, identity document card and any other information required during registration. Without Exas capital’s consent, users shall not use other people’s identity information or other verified real-name accounts information during the account registration or authentication. You shall guarantee the authenticity, integrity, accuracy of the information you provide, and bear any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequence resulting from it. You shall update your information if any change occurs.
If the applicable laws, rules or regulations of the country or region where you locate demand real name for mobile phone users, you shall agree to provide phone number registered under real-name-system, otherwise you shall bear the direct or indirect losses and adverse consequence arising from it.
Exas capital will provide Exas capital account and passwords to you after verifying your information. You are deemed to authorize Exas capital to conduct investigation at your registration information directly or through third party, and take necessary action according to the result.
Upon obtaining your Exas capital account and password, your registration shall be deemed as successful. You agree to receive emails or short messages sent by the Website related to the management and operation thereof.
You shall refrain from using the Website to engage in any illegal activities or to disrupt order of digital asset transactions on the Website. You shall represent and warrant that you do not belong to any terrorist organization and are not on the list of any terrorist organization.

Users have the right to check the information of their Exas capital account and access to digital asset trading services provided by Exas capital under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
Users have the right to decide withdraw the balance of their Exas capital account at any time, But users shall be charged of legal charges. The amount will be credited to your bank account within 7 working days.
You shall comply with laws, regulations, rules and policies and ensure legality of your capital source of your account. You shall refrain from engaging in any illegal activities and activities that damages rights of Exas capital or other third parties, such as sending or receiving illegal information, violating the rules, infringing rights and interests of other users, engaging in pyramid selling, money laundering and fraud, etc.
You shall obey laws and regulations, and use and keep your Exas capital account, login password and transaction pin, registered phone number with discretion. You shall ensure safety of phone verification code and confirmation email sent by the Website. You shall bear full responsibility for the consequence of using your Exas capital account, login password, transaction pin, and phone verification code and confirmation email. When you notice your Exas capital account, password, transaction pin, phone verification code and confirmation email is used by an unauthorized third party, you shall inform Exas capital through an effective way immediately, and demand Exas capital to invalidate your account. Exas capital shall have the right to take actions according to your demand within a reasonable time limit, but Exas capital shall not be liable for any of your losses incurred before our intervention.
You shall not give, lend, rent, transfer your Exas capital account to anyone or share your account with other people in other ways without approval of Exas capital, otherwise you shall bear the losses caused by the above actions. If the above actions cause economic losses to the Website or any third parties, you shall bear the responsibility for compensations.
You shall comply with the Agreement and other terms issued and updated by the Website from time to time, and follow the instruction.
When conducting digital assets transaction on Exas capital, you shall not maliciously interfere with digital assets transaction and disrupt transaction order.
You shall estimate and bear all the taxes, cost of any hardware, software and service, and any other expenses incurred during your access to the Service provided by the Website.
If dispute between you and other users arise, you shall not demand Exas capital to provide the related data through any means other than administrative approach and judicial approach.

Exas capital reserves the right to accept or reject your registration. For users who fail to be eligible for registration under the Agreement, Exas capital shall have the right to reject your registration and eliminate your account if you registered above 5 ID for using single phone number. For any losses caused to Exas capital thereby, Exas capital shall have the right to demand compensation from you or your legal representative.
Through technical inspection and manual spot-checking, if reasonable doubt on accuracy, authenticity, validity and integrity of your information arises, Exas capital has the right to inform you to correct and update your information, or reject providing service to you.
The Company may suspend or terminate your account or access to the Service, or the processing of any digital asset transaction, at any time if we determines in our sole discretion that you have violated this Agreement or your use of the Services in your jurisdiction is illegal.
Exas capital has the right to retain registration information and transaction data of users during service period or after termination of the Agreement, but Exas capital shall not use these information in illegal way.
Exas capital shall take necessary technical means and management measures to ensure normal operation of the platform, provide indispensable and reliable environment and services, and preserve digital asset transaction order.
Exas capital has the right to revise the information when Exas capital discovers a mistake on the Website.
Exas capital has the right to delete any information such as user comments on the Website that violates laws or regulations without prior notice.

To the full extent permitted by law, in any case, where we fail to provide the Services or delay in providing such Services due to information network equipment maintenance, information network connectivity failures, errors in computer, communications or other systems, power failures, weather conditions, unexpected accidents, industrial actions, labor disputes, revolts, uprisings, riots, lack of productivity or production materials, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, failure on the part of banks or other partners, collapse of the digital asset market, actions by government, judicial or administrative authorities, and other acts that are beyond our control, or due to causes on the part of third parties, we shall not provide payout of your investment, the decision will be inform through website.

The content of this Website may update from time to time without prior notice, and we have taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Website; however, we do not guarantee the degree of such accuracy, neither shall we bear any losses arising directly or indirectly from the information on this Website, internet connection failure, or delay and failure in transmitting or receiving any notice and information.


It is prohibited to use this Website to engage in any illegal transactions or illegitimate activities, such as money laundering, smuggling and commercial bribery. In the event that any suspected illegal transaction activities or illegitimate activities is uncovered, this Website will adopt all available measures, including but not limited to freezing the offender’s account, notifying relevant authorities, etc., and we will not assume any of the responsibilities arising therefrom and reserve the right to hold relevant persons accountable.

Users of Exas capital.com are themselves responsible for making sure they are in compliance with legislation of the jurisdiction they operate in.

The intellectual property of this Website including but not limited to logos, database, designs, graphics, software, photos, videos, music, audios and its foreground, software complier, relevant source code and software (including mini program and script) is owned by Exas capital. All users shall not duplicate, alter, copy, send or use all the contents mentioned above for commercial purpose.
In the course of using the Services provided by Exas capital, users shall not use or dispose intellectual property of Exas capital or other people in illegal way. Users shall not release or authorize other website (or media) to use any information posed on Exas capital in any way.

Where we fail to provide the Services or delay in providing such Services due to force majeure, Exas capital shall bear no responsibility. Force majeure includes but not limits to state action, policy shift, earthquake, typhoon, flood, or any other unavoidable catastrophes, wars or events such like. Based on the unique traits of internet, force majeure also includes following situations that affect internet operation: hacker attack, computer virus attack, technical adjustment of telecommunication sector, or shutdown caused by government action.

Shall you provide untrue, incomplete or inaccurate information, causing damage to Exas capital, we shall have the right to claim compensation for the losses.

Shall you breach the Agreement or any applicable laws and administrative regulation, or engage in illegal activities in the Website or using Exas capital account, we shall have the right to refuse providing service to you and close your Exas capital account, while you shall pay to us at least US$ Two million in compensation and bear all the expenses in connection with such breach (including attorney’s fees, among others). If such compensation cannot cover the actual losses, you shall make up for the difference.

Shall you use technical means to interfere with normal operation of Exas capital or interfere with the other users’ access to Exas capital, Exas capital has the right to ban your Exas capital account and claim compensation for the losses.

Shall you maliciously defame the business goodwill of the Exas capital on the ground of untrue facts, Exas capital has the right to demand a public apology and claim compensation for the losses, and terminate the Services provided to you.

1. Exas capital is dedicated to provide secure and compliant services to users. We undertake to understand and comply with Know Your User (“KYU”) and Anti Money Laundering (“AML”) regulations and rules and we shall not violate KYU and AML policy. Within reasonable control, we shall take necessary measures and employ necessary technics to provide secure service to you, and we shall do everything to save you from losses caused by money laundering of suspects.
2. The KYU and AML policy is a synthetic international policy system, covering KYU and AML policies in different jurisdictions you locate in. The wholesome compliance framework ensures us to operate legally and sustainably on a global scale.
3.We declare that users are prohibited to use the Website to engage in money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery and any other illegal activities. If such an event is found, we shall suspend accounts involved and report to public security agents.
Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering Policy is as follows:
1. Promulgate Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering Policy and update it from time to time to meet the requirement of corresponding laws and regulations;
2. Issue and update guiding principles and rules of platform operation, attend trainings held by the authorities and provide trainings to employees. Our employees shall provide full service in strict accordance with laws, regulations and rules of platform operation.
Exas capital is dedicated to provide secure, compliance and creditworthy service to our users. Therefore, Exas capital insists on user due diligence procedure and constant analysis and reports, which includes supervision over suspicious deals and mandatory reports to international regulators. In accordance with applicable laws and contractual relationships, Exas capital reserves the right to keep information and files of this kind. This applies to you after termination of relationship between you and Exas capital and after you abandon your Exas capital account.
Exas capital reserves the right to reject registration of any users, put an end to any transaction with any users and terminate any relationships. On the precondition of not limiting generality of the aforementioned terms, which applies to those including but not limited to those who fail to meet the international anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism and proliferation standards established by the Financial Action Task Force; politicians who belong to FATF 40 Recommendations; or those who fail the user due diligence standard or requirements or Exas capital requirements. Exas capital has the right to exercise intensify due diligence procedure instead of rejecting your registration. You might need to go through intensified due diligence during usage of the Services of the Website at any time.

Headquarter of Exas capital locates in India. The Services we provide shall be governed in accordance to the Indian law. The laws of India, excluding rule of conflicts, shall apply to your use of our services. Your access and use of our services might be bind to laws of other countries or regions or international law. We do not provide statement of or guarantee applicability of the Website in other regions. Shall you access to or use Exas capital services outside India, you shall bear the risk concerned and abide by all applicable laws, regulations and rules.
Any disputes or controversies related to or caused by the Agreement, you shall reach us through the contact information on the Website first. We attach great importance to your question and we will endeavor to settle disputes through friendly negotiation.

By clicking the “Create Account” button and by obtaining Exas capital account and password, you agree to be legally bound by the Agreement and accept all the terms and condition of the Agreement.

Exas capital reserves the right to final interpretation of the Agreement.